This is used also in other header files from include folder. I'm trying to use QCA in plasma-nm, but I have to use. Comment on attachment [details] Patch Rejecting attachment [ details] from commit-queue. Failed to run. Form qobjectdefs.h, for a non-debug compilation. This macro associates extra information to the class, which is available using QObject:: The following example shows how to find a list of child QWidget lotto software kostenlos of the specified parentWidget named widgetname:. ConnectionType type but it uses QMetaMethod to specify signal and method. ThreadChange event is sent to this object just before the thread affinity is changed. This macro registers an enum type with the meta-object. Calling q_slots function is equivalent to calling inherits "QWidget"except that it is much faster.

Q_slots - handelt

DirectConnection from a thread different from this object's thread. This example returns a QListWidget child of parentWidget:. Filters events if this object has been installed as an event filter for the watched object. By default, for every connection you make, a signal is emitted; two signals are emitted for duplicate connections. Auto-Connection Qt's meta-object system provides a mechanism to automatically connect signals and slots between QObject subclasses and their children. You can also use QMetaEnum::


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